Loan Review/Compliance

TIB Service Company and Bequeaith Banking Solutions are now:



The already widely respected TIB Service Company (TIBSCO) and the compliance and training experts at Bequeaith Banking Solutions have joined forces to create TIB-Bequeaith - perhaps the most inclusive Loan Review and Compliance resource in the industry.  Bankers get the benefit of the same great expertise and staff, backed by an expanded product/service offering and the substantial ongoing resources of the nation's largest and most trusted bankers' bank - TIB..

Explore the wide range of services and expertise that our combined team can deliver to your bank and staff:

Loan Review & Credit Management

Compliance Audit & Training



"Having a proven and professional company helping us navigate the world of compliance gives us great confidence that we are performing as we should and makes getting a good night's sleep a lot easier.  I can't imagine changing this relationship.  It works and works well."

Robert L. Newman, President - First National Bank, Louisburg, KS