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Date Story Title Story Author Commentary Author
2010-08-11 You Don't Have To Be Rude. Todd, Greg Terrell, David
2014-06-04 Will Your Build America Bond Be Called? Baack, Justin Terrell, David
2014-04-10 Who Can Do What? Rickman, Janet Bateman, Reed
2011-09-27 Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio? Taylor, Bruce Scharlach, Blake
2013-03-15 When Bond Yields Rise Allen, Eric Scharlach, Blake
2008-03-28 What This Country Needs... Todd, Greg Bateman, Reed
2010-02-02 What is a Z Tranche? Bateman, Reed Scharlach, Blake
2012-03-08 What is a Community Bank? Rickman, Janet Scharlach, Blake
2012-03-09 Water for Elephants...What About Us Peeps? Renfroe, Barry Bateman, Reed
2009-01-15 Wake Up, America Kleinecke, Jack Scharlach, Blake
2014-06-26 Two-Year Horizon Bateman, Reed Terrell, David
2010-04-28 Tipping Point Taylor, Bruce Terrell, David
2010-07-27 Thin-Slicing in the Blink of an Eye! Briscoe, Don Scharlach, Blake
2014-02-19 The Lord of the Rings and Dodd-Frank Taylor, Bruce Baack, Justin
2010-08-12 The Interchange System Kelley, Scott Scharlach, Blake
2009-12-15 The Girl Who Cried Wolf? Scharlach, Blake
2010-07-15 The Future of the Muni Bond Market? Bateman, Reed
2013-09-24 The FFA and the Future of Community Banking? Briscoe, Don Scharlach, Blake
2011-07-22 The Elephant in the Room Allen, Eric Bateman, Reed
2010-12-03 The Delay of the Foreclosure Process Mecredy, Ryan Bateman, Reed
2013-01-15 The Deficit Allen, Eric Scharlach, Blake
2012-07-26 The Big Picture Effect of Raising Taxes on the Rich Renfroe, Barry Terrell, David
2012-06-15 The (First) Most Important Election of the Year Bateman, Reed Terrell, David
2014-06-27 Thanks to Our Customers Arvo, Michele Bateman, Reed
2012-02-03 Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds Renfroe, Barry Bateman, Reed
2010-02-19 Step One: Raise the Discount Rate Bateman, Reed Terrell, David
2013-02-14 Sequestration-How Can This Affect Our Portfolios? Allen, Eric Scharlach, Blake
2013-05-30 Same Day ACH-Modernization of the ACH Network Arvo, Michele Scharlach, Blake
2008-12-17 Rules of Engagement Taylor, Bruce Terrell, David
2009-10-28 Report on SBA Loan Programs Mecredy, Ryan Terrell, David
2009-12-02 Re-Tooling Commercial Credit Risk Management Hackerson Woitena, Debra Terrell, David
2011-06-22 Random Intelligence? Taylor, Bruce Terrell, David
2010-11-19 QE2 = ???? Kleinecke, Jack Bateman, Reed
2012-09-06 Putting Your Trust in the Condition and Value of Collateral Roberts, Steven Scharlach, Blake
2011-03-23 Proposed Amendments To Reg CC Bateman, Reed
2010-04-13 Portfolio Checklist Scharlach, Blake
2011-08-19 Political Dysfunction and Its Consequences Scharlach, Blake Bateman, Reed
2010-06-18 Permanent School Fund
2009-05-14 People Do Listen Bateman, Reed
2012-08-08 On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Terrell, David
2008-05-30 Oil and The Economy: Part Two Bateman, Reed Terrell, David
2014-03-12 Nightmares and Dreamscapes Taylor, Bruce Terrell, David
2011-08-24 New Perspectives Allen, Eric Terrell, David
2009-08-27 More Good Reasons To Review Commercial RE Credits Scharlach, Blake
2010-03-30 Mathematics Ad Infinitum Taylor, Bruce Terrell, David
2008-12-09 Looking for Safe, Sound Banks Mecredy, Ryan Scharlach, Blake
2011-12-06 Loan Participations: Unnecessary Risks or Opportunities? Musgrove, Barry Scharlach, Blake
2010-08-27 Loan Document Imaging-Pros and Cons Roberts, Steven Bateman, Reed
2011-07-29 Living in a Downgraded World Taylor, Bruce Scharlach, Blake
2011-07-01 Independence Day: What Really Makes America Great Todd, Greg Bateman, Reed
2010-01-20 Implications For Mortgage Rates Sanders, John Terrell, David
2011-08-31 How to Kill Two Birds with One Stone Hoover, Terry Terrell, David
2013-03-28 How Hungry is Your Bank? Rickman, Janet Bateman, Reed
2011-05-18 Higher Rates? Maybe Not! Allen, Eric Terrell, David
2011-12-14 HARP Speed, Mr. Zulu! Taylor, Bruce Terrell, David
2011-11-16 HARP 2.0 Terrell, David Bateman, Reed
2011-04-27 Hard Choices in Our Future Allen, Eric Terrell, David
2010-05-13 Half-Empty or Half-Full? Scharlach, Blake Scharlach, Blake
2010-07-29 Gift Card Changes Vessels, Mike Scharlach, Blake
2013-11-14 Game Changer -- Sell Everything Taylor, Bruce Scharlach, Blake
2012-03-06 Fixed-Rate Loan and Securities Capacity Meadows, Greg Scharlach, Blake
2014-05-08 Five Surprising Ways... Bateman, Reed Terrell, David
2009-11-06 FIL-61-2009-Prudent CRE Loan Workouts Renfroe, Barry Bateman, Reed
2013-06-19 FIL-13, 2010 (Part 2) Printers with Green Ink! Johnson, Michael Terrell, David
2013-06-18 FIL-13 2010 (Part 1) The Stress Johnson, Michael Scharlach, Blake
2011-11-02 ERM Reporting the Letterman Way Hoover, Terry Terrell, David
2007-07-03 Economic Commentary Linaburg, Dave Terrell, David
2010-01-27 Dusting Off the Book Shelf Johnson, Michael Terrell, David
2013-11-26 Does Healthcare Reform Impact Your Institution? Arvo, Michele Scharlach, Blake
2013-09-20 Dig A Little Deeper Todd, Greg Bateman, Reed
2010-02-05 Delay In Real Estate Market's Recovery Mecredy, Ryan Terrell, David
2012-03-23 Credit Card Industry Entering a New Era? Starks, Aaron Bateman, Reed
2012-06-07 Community Banking-Keeping in Touch Golden, Chad Scharlach, Blake
2013-06-25 Beware the Noise Bateman, Reed Scharlach, Blake
2008-06-06 Best Practice Sanders, John Terrell, David
2012-03-28 Avoiding the Oops Roberts, Steven Terrell, David
2010-10-20 Are You Smart Enough...To Pass Your IRR Exam? Clement, Linda Terrell, David
2011-02-09 Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines Renfroe, Barry Bateman, Reed
2009-07-29 Analyzing Callable Bonds Terrell, David
2007-10-18 An Evening In New York Clement, Linda Terrell, David
2010-08-19 Academic Formulas for Success? Clement, Linda Scharlach, Blake
2011-04-07 A Historical Perspective Wentz, Todd Bateman, Reed
2012-03-13 $25 Billion Mortgage Settlement Terrell, David Scharlach, Blake

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